WordPress.com Vs WordPress.org

WordPress.org and WordPress.com – Which to Choose?

WordPress.org and WordPress.com they both are very different platforms. Many people will always get confused between the both, so today we are going to solve your doubt related to this. Choosing the best platform for the online success is really crucial. Below we have discussed some points related to them and which would be beneficial for you.



WordPress.org or we can say the real WordPress. It is an open-source platform and free for everyone. This is also referred to as self-hosted WordPress. Below are some pros and cons of WordPress.org.


  • You have full control of your website. You can customize as much as you want and as you need.
  • It is 100% free and easy to use.
  • You have full access to your website (all the data). No one can turn off your website until you want. (Until you are not doing something illegal).
  • You can earn money by placing ads on your website.
  • You can create an online store.
  • You can create membership websites.


  • You will need a web hosting, where all your files will be stored. The web hosting can cost you from $2- 15$ or more depending on your preference and the traffic on your website.
  • You will be responsible for backups and updates.



WordPress.com is a hosting service created by Matt Mullenweg (Co-founder of WordPress).

The WordPress.com hosting service offers these plans:

Free – Very limited.
Personal – $36 per year
Premium – $99 per year
Business – $299 per year
Now let’s talk about the pros and cons of WordPress.com.


  • It is free but up to 3GB of storage after which you will need to change to the paid plan.
  • You don’t have to worry about the backups as the WordPress takes them for you.


  • If you choose a free plan they will place ads but you will not earn from any ads. If you want to remove ads then you have to buy a paid plan.
  • You cannot place your own ads you will have to apply for an advertising program called ‘WordAds’ where you share revenue with them.
  • You cannot upload or install any plugin. Except when you have a Business plan where you can install from a selection of compatible plugins $299/year.
  • Your website can get deleted if they think you are violating their Terms of Service.
  • You cannot upload a custom theme. You only install from the limited free themes collection. Premium and Business plan users can select premium themes. There are limited customization options available.
  • If you get a free your website will have wordPress.com at the end and can be removed after upgrading.
  • You cannot build an e-commerce or membership website.

So Which Is Better?

If you have a personal blog and you don’t care to make money from the blog then go for free WordPress.com.

But if you are opening a blog or a business and wants to make money from a website, then we recommend to go for self-hosted WordPress.org.

In my opinion, WordPress.org a better platform. It’s a platform in which every professional blogger, small business owner, big business uses. So if you want to earn money from website go for WordPress.org.

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